Certificate Level: Management Information


The Certificate level concentrate on basic knowledge and skills which form the platform from which professional competence can be developed. 

At the Certificate Level (CFAB) the knowledge and skills will be tested separately by subject(s) and on completion of each subject, students should be able to demonstrate the ability to: 

  • Identify and retrieve information 
  • Appraise information 
  • Apply concepts and techniques 
  • Analyse and solve problems 
  • Present information in a logical format 
  • Communicate information clearly and succinctly 

On completion of the Management Information module, candidates will be able to: 

  • Establish the costs associated with the production of products and provision of services and use them to determine prices 
  • Select appropriate budgeting approaches and methods and prepare budgets 
  • Identify key features of effective performance management systems, select appropriate performance measures and calculate differences between actual performance and standards or budgets 
  • Identify and calculate relevant data for use in management decision making 

Course Objective and Approach:

The course is planned to prepare you for success in the Management Information exam. This is our key objective. We assume that you have done some preparatory work prior to the commencement of the course and that we can build on this through the duration of the course.

The course will consist of two phases – a lecture-based teaching phase and a revision phase. Lectures will follow the content of BPP course notes and will include extensive practice on questions from the ICAEW Question Bank.

You will be set assignments at the end of each lecture session. All assignments will be reviewed/ assessed by the course tutor in the following session.

One Progress Test (PT) and one Mock Exam (ME) will be issued to you to practice towards the end of the of the course. Please submit it to your tutor by the timeline set for marking.

The course is interactive and you will be encouraged to participate in class discussions.

“Completeness” is a key audit assertion. To meet the key course objective of exam success you need to be complete in your exam preparation. The course is aimed at exposure/ coverage to/ of most exam matters. You will be expected to attend all lectures and revisions, complete all course assignments and sit for and return all PT and ME answers.