Course Schedule: Business Planning Taxation Q4

Course Dates

Start Date:                                   16 Sep 2023

End Date:                                     25 Nov 2023


Important Dates  

Exam Registration Start Date:  16 Oct 2023

Exam Registration End Date:    27 Oct 2023

Exam Date:                                  5 Dec 2023

Results Released:                        19 Jan 2024


Course Structure

Taught Phase:                              8 sessions x 3-hour

Revision Phase:                           8 sessions x 3-hour

Total number of course hours: 48 hours

Mock Exams:                                2 (to be completed at home & submitted to tutor for marking)


Training Venue

All classes online. 150 Orchard Road #04-09, Orchard Plaza, S238841. The Meeting Suite


Class Size

Class is limited to 30 students on a first-come first-served basis.

If you have further query or wish to enrol, please contact us at

Website:                         Tel: 6742 0300


2022 Schedule: Business Planning Taxation

No Date Day Timing


Taught Phase (delivered online via live streaming and via pre-recorded sessions)

1 16 Sep Sat 6pm – 9pm

·       Planning for capital taxes (CGT and IHT)


·      This is a pre-recorded session. Planning for personal taxes;relief for losses.


·       This is a pre-recorded session. Core company tax planning.

4 23 Sep Sat 6pm – 9pm

·      Special situations for companies


·      This is a pre-recorded session. Groups and Consortiums. International companies.


·      This is a pre-recorded session. Antiavoidance rules.


·      This is a pre-recorded session. VAT and other indirect taxes.

8 7 Oct Sat 6pm – 9pm

·      Restructuring companies.

Mock Exam 1 to be completed at home & submitted to tutor for marking by (to be decided by tutor)

Revision Phase (delivered online via live streaming)

1 4 Nov Sat 2pm – 5pm

·       Remittance, Investment, Anti avoidance

2 4 Nov Sat 6pm – 9pm

·       Transfers of business, residence, losses

3 11 Nov Sat 2pm – 5pm

·       Starting businesses, IR35, MSCs.

4 11 Nov Sat 6pm – 9pm

·       Share options, groups,

5 18 Nov Sat 2pm – 5pm

·       Specific CT issues.

6 18 Nov Sat 6pm – 9pm ·       Exam technique.
7 25 Nov Sat 2pm – 5pm

·       Liquidations, antiavoidance

8 25 Nov Sat 6pm – 9pm

·       Incoporation, diversification.

Mock Exam 2 to be completed at home & submitted to tutor for marking by (to be decided by tutor)

* Dates are subject to changes


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Course Tutor: Dave Bull

Dave Bull, MBA, CTA, ATT(Fellow), started his career with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK, moving into private practice before setting up his own practice which he still runs today. He has taught for training companies such as BPP and LexisNexis on a regular basis since 2001. Students describe his teaching style as interactive and engaging, breaking complex concepts down to fundamental principles and adapting to the emerging needs of each individual class.



The aim of this module is to enable students to apply technical knowledge and professional skills to identify and resolve taxation issues that arise in the context of preparing tax computations and to advise on tax-efficient strategies for businesses and individuals.

Students will be required to use technical knowledge and professional judgement to identify, explain and evaluate alternative tax treatments and to determine the appropriate solutions to taxation issues, giving due consideration to the needs of clients and the interaction between taxes. The commercial context and impact of recommendations will need to be considered in making such judgements, as will ethical and legal issues.


Course Objective and Approach

The course is planned to prepare you for success in the Dec 2020 Business Planning: Taxation exam. This is our key objective. We assume that you have done some preparatory work prior to the commencement of the course and that we can build on this through the duration of the course.

The course will consist of 2 phases –

  • a lecture-based taught phase (8 lectures x 3 hrs);
  • a revision phase (8 lectures x 3 hrs).

Lectures will follow the content of BPP course notes and will include extensive practice on questions from the ICAEW Question Bank.

You will be given Mock Exam 1 (ME 1) towards the end of the Taught Phase.

You will be given Mock Exam 2 (ME 2) towards the end of the Revision Phase.

City Academy’s tutors will mark and review your ME scripts so as to benefit your learning outcome. You will have the flexibility of practising the ME at your own time at home but you must submit your ME answer scripts by the due date set. You may also be given homework, assignments or additional reading materials.

The course is interactive and you will be encouraged to participate in class discussions.

“Completeness” is a key audit assertion. To meet the key course objective of exam success you need to be complete in your exam preparation. The course is aimed at exposure/coverage to/of most significant exam matters, and focuses on how these matters will be examined and prepares you with question practise and tips in answering this ICAEW paper. You will be expected to attend all lectures and any supplementary tutorials, complete all course assignments and sit for and submit all ME answers.



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