Course Schedule: Case Study Q2

Course Dates

Start Date:                              3 May 2023

End Date:                                10 Jul 2023


Important Dates  

Exam Registration Start Date: 22 May 2023

Exam Registration End Date:  02 Jun 2023

Advanced Information Date:  7 Jun 2023

Exam Date:                                19 Jul 2023

Exam Results Release Date:    26 Aug 2023


Course Structure

Revision Phase:                            9 sessions x 3-hour

Total number of course hours: 27

Mock Exams:                                5


Training Venue

All lessons online.
150 Orchard Road #04-09, Orchard Plaza, S238841. The Meeting Suite


Class Size

Class is limited to 15 students on a first-come first-served basis.

If you have further query or wish to enrol, please contact us at

Website:                         Tel: 6742 0300


2023 Schedule: Case Study  

No Date  Day Timing


Delivered online via live streaming

1 3 May Wed 7pm – 10pm

Introduction to Advanced Case

2 7 May Sun 2pm – 5pm

Walkthrough of case – requirement 1

3 7 May Sun 6pm – 9pm

Walkthrough of case – requirement 2

4 8 May Mon 7pm – 10pm Walkthrough of case – requirement 3 and
Executive summary
5 17 Jun Sat 2pm – 5pm

Analysis of Advanced Information for the Exam

6 17 Jun Sat 6pm – 9pm

Analysis of Advanced Information for the Exam

7 30 Jun Fri 7pm – 10pm

Exam planning – requirement 1 – mock exam 1

8 7 Jul Fri 7pm – 10pm

Exam planning - requirement 2 – mock exam 1

9 10 Jul Mon 7pm – 10pm

Exam planning – requirement 3 – mock exam 1

Mock Exam dates to be confirmed

Dates are subject to changes


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Course Tutor: Alan Lewin

Alan qualified as a chartered accountant in 1982 with Touche Ross (now Deloitte) in Leicester.  However, Alan left accountancy practice in 1985 to start a career in lecturing and then consultancy.  He initially worked for Chart Tutors (now Kaplan) running one of their examination centres, then moved back to Deloitte’s audit training department and then in 1996 established his own training company.

Alan now specialises in writing and teaching the subjects of auditing, corporate governance, business strategy and finance and case studies.  His clients include Kaplan and BPP as well as other tuition and publishing companies.  He also has examination experience with CIMA where he was chief examiner for 10 years and more recently ACCA where he was Audit and Assurance examiner for 5 years.



The aim of this module is to ensure that students can provide advice in respect of complex business issues in the form of a written report.

The objective of the Case Study is to assess students’ understanding of complex business issues and the ability to analyse financial and non-financial data, exercise professional and ethical judgement, and develop conclusions and recommendations.


This module will be assessed by a 4-hour, computer-based exam. The Case Study will not require the detailed computations needed for the Certificate, Professional and Advanced Levels; but students will be required to undertake financial and business analysis.

Requirements will be open in that there will be no predetermined correct answers to the Case Study. All areas of the syllabus may be tested over time.


The Case Study scenario may be based on any one of a variety of different organisational structures or operations. Students will be provided with background details (‘Advance Information’) on the organisation and its business environment ahead of the exam. Students are then required to write a report to the board of the organisation, advising them on appropriate next steps.

The Advance information will not give specific indication of the eventual requirements of the Case Study. Students will be expected to familiarise themselves with the information provided about the organisation and the industry in which it operates, by undertaking detailed analysis of the Advance Information and some additional analysis and research where necessary. Students may take the results of their work into the exam.


Course Objective and Approach

The course is designed to prepare you for success in the Case Study exam. This is our key objective.

Success at the Case Study requires an integration of the technical knowledge and skills acquired from all of the ACA modules, namely:

  • the core technical knowledge and skills and practical application acquired at the Certificate and Professional levels;
  • the technical, analytical, evaluative and integration skills from Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management; and
  • the advisory, judgemental and communication skills acquired through practical work experience gained during the training contract.



Working with ICAEW in the professional development of students