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Quality Assurance Policy

At City Academy, we are confident of our examination pass rates with a disciplined study program, practice questions and rigorous revision programs. Our tutors help with content mastery, hone your examination techniques and give valuable individual feedback on how you can pick up the extra marks that make a difference between a pass and a fail.

Students who follow our tutors’ guidance and complete assignments given to them, including taking the Mock examinations, should pass with confidence. Our conditions are that students:

  1. Achieve 90% attendance and above
  2. Submit and pass mock exams (tutor may make exceptions in their recommendations)
  3. Make a genuine attempt at all of City Academy online quizzes where applicable – for CFAB courses

Tutors will make their recommendations on whether a student should take the examination.

While we cannot insist that a student who has not performed well not take the examination, we assure you that if you are recommended for examination and should unfortunately fail, we guarantee a free recourse (which must be taken within one year of the last exam sitting). Students who are not recommended for examination and proceed to take the examination will not be given a free recourse if they fail.


Rationale for this Policy:

We believe that with proper tutors’ guidance and commitment on the students’ part, the chances for success are very high.

Studying at City Academy will save students time and money. Remember that ICAEW only allows 4 examination attempts (for each certificate and professional course). Pass in your first attempt with City Academy.



The tutors provided by City Academy are TOP notch. Not only are they knowledgeable in FAR, they are very good in teaching us exam skill such as how to identify, approach and answer the various exam questions. I am grateful to have received the FAR scholarship and would recommend everyone to pursue the ACA with City Academy.

Yong Tze Jie

ICAEW Singapore Highest Achievement in Financial Accounting & Reporting 2021


City Academy had been instrumental in my preparations for the ICAEW papers. The lecturers are knowledgeable and patient, and we have strong support from the staff.

There are also three crucial reasons why I would recommend City Academy as my tuition of choice:

  1. The instructors focus on key topics that students are weaker in and attempt to achieve content mastery through rigorous practice.
  2. As speed is crucial in an ICAEW exam, we learnt numerous answering techniques, allowing us to communicate our answers effectively. 
  3. City Academy provides mock tests with feedback, allowing us to gauge our performance and work on our weaknesses. 

Thank you City Academy for your guidance and support!

Gary Low Yu Kai
SMU Bachelor of Accountancy 2020 (Summa Cum Laude)



"I chose to pursue the ICAEW ACA qualification as it is an internationally recognised accreditation with a huge network of reciprocal membership agreements with accounting bodies all over the world. Furthermore, ICAEW allows for frontloading of modules, thereby allowing me to clear the required modules at the early stage of my training while I am still studying or at the early stage of my career, where work has not piled up yet. The knowledge gained through the advanced level modules also provides a good foundation to round up the important aspects of practicing accounting to apply in my work.

Learning at City Academy is not only an effective way to pass the papers but also affordable as well. The tutors are well versed with both the answering techniques and technical aspects of the paper which is a huge incentive. Able to study the important parts and not everything has helped me to effectively manage my work-study balance and also pass the papers at the first attempt." 

Tevin Chew
ICAEW Singapore Highest Achievement in Corporate Reporting 2020



City Academy provides effective lessons that are aimed at helping their students pass the exams. Their teachers are well qualified and capable of simplifying fundamental concepts, allowing students to pick up necessary knowledge in the shortest time possible. They also hone your exam techniques to ensure that that you are familiar with what examiners are looking out for by imparting crucial skills that will enable you to achieve the maximum number of marks with the simplest and shortest methods.

 Thank you.

Audrey Tan

ICAEW Singapore Highest Achievement in Tax Compliance 2020



Through face-to-face classes, City Academy helped our students achieve high pass rates for the advanced level papers in Strategic Business Management and Corporate Reporting and enabled Ms Lim Jia En to achieve a high score of 96% in Audit Assurance exam.

City Academy also supported ICAEW in hosting the first Online Training File Clinic in Singapore, and the computer-based examination workshop in July and September respectively’

ICAEW South-East Asia
Quoted in Annual Dinner 2018 Booklet



Thanks to the study boost provided by the tutors at City Academy, I managed to clinch an ICAEW examination award! City Academy’s tutors are highly approachable and helpful, and I'm glad to have benefitted under their tutelage.

                                                                                                     Lim Jia En
ICAEW Singapore Highest Achievement in Audit & Assurance 2018



Thanks to City Academy's Strategic Business Management (SBM) revision class and my lecturer, Alan Lewin, I was able to achieve good results and was awarded the ICAEW Singapore's Highest Achievement in SBM (Advanced Level). City Academy provided me the best opportunity to obtain up to date knowledge of the SBM exam through Alan's coaching of examination techniques which was extremely valuable.

                                                                                                     Brendan Choong
ICAEW Singapore Highest Achievement in Strategic Business Management 2018


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